Buckinghamshire Sustainable Period Product Scheme - FREE Period Undies, Free Menstrual Cups & Free Period Pads


 "Empower Your Period with Sustainability!"
In Partnership with Buckinghamshire Council

Free Period products free period pants, free menstrual cups,  free period pads
🌱 Introducing the Sustainable Period Product Scheme 🌱
Buckinghamshire Council is taking a bold step towards a greener future! Join us in making a sustainable choice for your menstrual needs.
What's the Offer?
Receive a £10 voucher towards our eco-friendly period and incontinence products. With our competitive prices, this voucher makes your chosen product effectively free.
  • Only one application per person.
  • Must be a resident within the Buckinghamshire Council Administrative area.
How to Claim Your Free Product:
  1. Choose Your Preferred Product:
    Explore our range of sustainable period products.
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  2. Apply for the Voucher:
    Simply click the link below to apply for your £10 voucher. (Kindly be aware that a nominal shipping fee of £3.99 will be applied after applying the discount. This charge covers external shipping services.) 
    Apply Now

  3. Redeem and Enjoy:
    Once approved, use the code at checkout and witness the magic of sustainable choices!

"Join the movement towards a sustainable period. Every choice counts!"
For more details please see the scheme website https://www.recycleforbuckinghamshire.co.uk/reduce-your-waste/periods/