Celebrate Your First Moon with a Period Party!


Congratulations on reaching this important milestone in your life! A period party, also known as a First Moon party, is a fun and empowering way to celebrate the onset of menstruation. It's a chance to learn more about your body, break down the stigma surrounding periods, and have fun with your friends and loved ones. Read on to learn how to plan your own period party and make it a memorable and empowering experience.

Planning Your Party

Invitations: Send out fun and creative invitations to your friends and loved ones, inviting them to celebrate your First Period with you. You could create your own invitations using period-themed images or phrases, or use online invitation tools like Paperless Post or Pingg.

Location: Choose a location that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. You could host the party at home, at a park, or at a community centre.

Activities: Plan fun and engaging activities that help you learn more about your body and celebrate your period. You could create your own period-themed art, decorate cupcakes with period-themed designs, or make your own period panties.

First Period Party Kits

Party kits are a great way to make sure everyone has access to menstrual products and other useful items. They can also be a fun and memorable way to celebrate your First Period.

Kit options: Consider creating "Starter" kits for young people who are just starting their period, or "Celebration" kits for those who want to go all-out with fun and festive items.

Here are some items that you might consider including in your party kit:

  • Menstrual products, such as pads, tampons, or menstrual cups
  • Pain relief items, such as heating pads or over-the-counter painkillers
  • Chocolate or other treats
  • Period-themed stickers or buttons
  • Educational materials, such as books or pamphlets about menstruation

Customisation: Consider customising party kits to meet the needs and preferences of your guests. For example, you might include different types of menstrual products, or offer a choice of different types of treats or party favours.

Making Your Period Party a Success

Facilitation: Consider inviting a trained facilitator or healthcare provider to answer questions and provide information about menstrual health. They can help ensure that everyone feels comfortable and respected, and provide valuable information about periods and reproductive health.

Inclusivity: Make sure to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and included. Consider making sure that everyone's needs and preferences are respected.

Resources: Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful as you plan your period party:

  • We have several free printable resources 
  • Fund raise:We have a donation products you can by where those in need can request products for who can't afford them.
  • The book "Period Power" by Nadya Okamoto is a great resource for young people who want to learn more about periods and reproductive health.

Your First Period is a significant milestone, and a period party is a fun and empowering way to celebrate it. By planning a fun and engaging party, you can help break down the stigma surrounding periods and empower yourself and others to feel proud of their bodies.