Menstrual Cup - Say Goodbye To Tampons And Menstrual Pads

Menstrual Cup - Say Goodbye To Tampons And Menstrual Pads

Menstrual cup products are a welcomed alternative for women who are fed up of wearing uncomfortable tampons and menstrual pads throughout the day. One thing all women know is that periods are extremely inconvenient. They never seem to land at the right time. Whether you have an important work presentation, or you are attending a special social event, you can find yourself worried about dealing with cramps and ensuring you don’t experience everyone’s worst nightmare – a leak onto your outfit. With a menstrual cup, you have a product that enables you to go about your typical day without interruption.

What Is A Period Cup?

A period cup is essentially the modern-day alternative to tampons and menstrual pads. These cups are made from medical grade silicone, which is biocompatible and body safe. Rather than absorbing menstrual fluid, these cups collect it. This makes them less messy than traditional products like pads and tampons while also offering a number of other benefits, including financial, environmental, and health benefits. Of course, the main reason why a lot of women are turning to the likes of the Diva cup or Lily Cup is because it is much more convenient. A pad or tampon can only hold around 5 ml of menstrual fluid, whereas a menstrual cup can hold as much as 30 ml. Not only this, but you can wear this product safely for as long as 12 hours. This means you can have a full night’s sleep without worry, as well as getting through your working day without having to go to the toilet every hour. Instead, you simply empty your cup every morning and night, which makes it the most convenient period product on the market. You can also do sports, swim, and shower without having to deal with a wet tampon string or changing your menstrual pad several times. You may be worried that a product this long lasting is going to be uncomfortable, but this could not be further from the truth. As soft, medical grade silicone is used, meaning that you cannot see or feel the menstrual cup once it has been inserted. This means you can practically forget about your period altogether!

More Benefits Of Using A Soft Menstrual Cup

We all know the damp and uncomfortable feeling we get when using pads and tampons, yet you don’t have to worry about this with a soft menstrual cup. Menstrual cups keep a delicate PH balance and only collect fluid, whereas tampons draw out 35 per cent of your natural lubrication, as well as the menstrual fluid, and this can leave you experiencing uncomfortable, vaginal dryness. You also need to consider the financial benefits associated with purchasing products from menstrual cup companies. After all, you are only going to need around four to five menstrual cups on average in your lifetime, meaning you will save on roughly 12,000 menstrual disposable products. When you look at this in the long-term, this actually equates to savings within the thousands! And, what about the health benefits too? Well, unlike tampons, a menstrual cup does not contain any chemicals, toxins, or bleaches, which could leach into the vaginal wall during use. This product also lowers the risk of yeast and other infections by a significant degree while reducing your chances of skin irritations and rashes too. When you purchase a menstrual cup from a reputable site, you can be sure of no latex use, no BPA, and no toxins. Menstrual cups are also hypoallergenic; they are made from medical grade silicone, which is used in a wide range of medical procedures because it is biocompatible and body safe. So, now let’s take a look at menstrual cup where to buy options.

Tips On Finding The Best Menstrual Cup

Now that you know all the benefits that are associated with using a menstrual cup, you will want to know where to find the best menstrual cup. There are a number of different factors to consider. Of course, one of the main elements to look at is what the menstrual cup has been made from; always check that the materials are safe and have been carefully sourced You should also take the time to read reviews that have been left by past customers. Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can easily get a general understanding of the overall feeling about a specific product, and so doing a bit of digging online comes very much recommended. You will also want to find out about the size of the menstrual cup, i.e. how much ml it can hold and how long it will last. Needless to say, price is important when purchasing any product. However, it is not advisable to simply go for the cheapest menstrual cup you can find. Quality and health and safety comes first, especially when you consider the huge savings that you are going to be making over the longer term compared to using either menstrual pads or tampons. While you can find the likes of a Moon cup and Lunette cup on the market, there are other brands to consider. The Floweret menstrual cup comes in two sizes, helping users to find the perfect fit, and Floweret Ltd also has a monthly treat box subscription to cheer women up when the time-of-month arrives.

Purchase A Menstrual Cup From Floweret 

If you are interested in purchasing a menstrual cup, look no further. At Floweret  we have starter packs available for those who have never used this type of menstrual product before. These packs come with 1 x standard flow and 1 x heavy flow reusable menstrual cup. This will help you to get the perfect fit. For more information, simply browse our website at You will find lots of great advice and a helpful FAQ section. You can also easily shop via our online store, and we provide free shipping for anyone placing an order. Plus, you can use the live chat feature if you have any queries.