How To Fold A Menstrual Cup


Easy to Use 

You should have little trouble learning how to insert a Menstrual Cup.

Just fold it, so it looks like a Tampon, aim it toward the back of the vagina and give a little push.


The "C" Fold 



It will sit a lot lower than a Tampon, so you won't need to push back as far.

When it's inserted correctly, you won't even feel its presence and it will not leak!

In fact,  a lot of users forget it's their time of the month altogether!


Alternative Menstrual Cup Fold  


The ' Push Down Fold" 


How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

 Clean before first use. You can either boil your floweret cup for 5-10 minutes in a pan, sterilise using sterilising tablets ( refer to manufactures instructions) or use our quick and convenient carry and clean steriliser this takes just 3 minutes in a microwave. Wash your hands thoroughly prior to insertion

The material we use allows the flow to easily slip out of the cup. A quick rinse in water will leave the cup ready to be reinserted. 

If you're out and about, don't worry! You can use a piece of tissue, or a wipe, to clean your cup. 


Quick Facts 

Is Floweret suitable for everyone?

 Floweret Cup is suitable for all ages and flows. 

How long can you use A Floweret Menstrual Cup For? 

The cup needs to be removed and cleaned at least once every 8-12 hours.

Can you use a Menstrual cup over night and for swimming ?

It is safe to use your menstrual cup overnight. You can also use your menstrual cup safely during exercise and swimming  


Menstrual Cup Benefits 

Not having to replace a tampon or change a pad every few hours is quite liberating, you can use a Floweret Cup for up to 12 hours. 

Great Alternative Menstrual Product
If you are just starting out on your menstrual journey or you are currently using Menstrual Pads or Tampons for your period, Floweret cups are a great solution, offering leak free periods, less mess, more comfort, plus, much better for you and the environment. 

Floweret Cup is a cleaner, more comfortable and less expensive alternative to Tampons and Menstrual Pads. We know that change can be a little scary, but have no fear! We promise that you will love your Floweret Menstrual Cup and you'll wonder why you waited so long to try it.

Lower Costs and Less Landfill Waste
Floweret Cups are designed for long-term use – up to a 10 years life cycle! Because they're reusable, there is less waste to clog up our landfills, and fewer trees are sacrificed for paper-based alternatives. 

In fact, you may use 16,000 disposables in your lifetime! 
We are helping to reduce the 45 billion products disposed of, globally, each year. 

 Less Odour
Unlike Pads and Tampons, the fluid is not exposed to air, so you won't have to worry about menstrual odour. When the cup is removed, the contents will appear like it has just discharged. Simply empty the contents into the toilet and flush!


Vaginal PH And Beneficial Bacteria Stay in Place
Tampons absorb all of your vaginal fluid along with the blood. This can disturb the delicate pH and bacterial balance of your vagina and can leave your vagina dry, and tampons uncomfortable.


You can even Insert your Floweret Menstrual Cup before your period starts!
 When it's approaching your flow date, just insert the cup and enjoy comfortable protection. No more leaks or trying to find someone with a Tampon at work!

It is advised not to insert a Tampon pre-cycle. 


Fewer Visits To The Pharmacy
Most customers don't replace their cups for 10+ years! 

That's roughly 420 Tampons or Pads not used every year!

 Just one simple change could have such a positive effect on the environment!


More time between changes
You need to change your Tampons every two to eight hours, depending on flow. With our cups you can enjoy up to 12 leak-free hours. Our Cups hold unto 3 x more than Tampons and Pads.